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Alumove Light - furniture and interior lighting № 1 in Russia.
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About Us

For more than 15 years, our company has been the distributor of the qualitative fittings, components, accessories and materials for furniture industry in Russian market. We were the first to introduce and create the sales network for quite a lot of brands from our present portfolio. Since we have developed the distribution network all over Russia, we had the possibility to be well aware of the demands and problems which our customers in different parts of our vast country encountered.

The reason behind the development of the assortment of lighting fixtures under Alumove Light brand was the demand for qualitative, highly reliable, easily mounted and nice looking lighting fixtures at the attractive price point.The solutions we have found available in the market met as a rule only part of the above mentioned criteria, but not all of them.

The products, which we present in this catalogue are the result of more than 5 years of the work of electronics engineers with the background in the defence industry, where the requirements for reliability and quality of the components are held to the highest standards. We have been closely following our customers as far as their requirements for versatility of applications and color finishes were concerned, thus creating the standard color palette of our lighting fixtures that match to different styles of furniture from modern and loft to country and classic. Our products enable to create the complete solution for the lighting of all areas of kitchen furniture or living room furniture, a wardrobe or a walk-in closet using just one transformer.

We offer one of the most reliable solutions as far as the transformers are concerned. They feature the highest degree of fire hazard resistance, resistance to overloads, blackouts and short circuits.

We are one of the few companies, that are ready to extend the warranty for our transformers even if the lighting fixtures connected come from other producers, as long as the power and voltage requirements are met.

Versatility and compatibility of all the fixtures bring quite substantial cost-saving benefits: it is possible to illuminate the working zone in the medium-sized kitchen with Alfa Duet luminaire, internal space of the cabinets with hinged doors with Kubik luminaries with Open Door sensors, and internal space of upper cabinets with flap door mechanisms with Lateen IFR or Beam IFR fixtures and connect all these fixtures to the mains with just one transformer.

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